spicy Hot & Spicy


spicy1. Braised Fish Fillet
Braised fish fillet, bok choy, w. Szechuan peppercorn and mustard chili in a hot pot
spicy2. Szechuan Dry Hot Pot
Dry sauteed mix of lamb, beef, tripe, shrimp and pork with prince mushroom and chrysanthemum, in a hot chili, is a time homored Szechuan classic
3. Cumin w. Lamb or Beef
A time honored Northern China classic, crispy slices of lamb or beef with cumin savory soy and Chekiang vinegar
spicy4. Sambal Udang or Chicken or Beef
Sauteed jumbo shrimp or chicken w. onions, green and red peppers, mushrooms and celery in Malaysian sambal chili
spicy5. Szechuan Chicken w. Crispy Spinach 15.00
spicy6. Malaysian Curry Chicken
Beef or Shrimp extra $2
spicy7. Rendang Beef or Chicken
Famous Indonesian dry curried beef or chicken simmered with exotic spices and slow cooked to tender perfection in semi dry coconut milk
8. Salt Pepper Prawn or Scallop 18.00
9. Lobster w. Ginger & Scallions
Large chunks of shell-on lobster stir-fried w. scallions, ginger in a lightly seasoned sauce.
10. K2's Signature Peking Duck
Slowly roasted spiced Long Island duck with Kua Bao (steamed buns), hoisin sauce, cucumber and green scallions
(Pt)22.00 (Qt)38.00